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A Dark Day in Political Advertising

Dark ads, that is. If you’ve noticed the lack of posters in this past general election, you’re picking up on an important trend. Paper advertising is declining and in turn, social media is playing a bigger part in politics than ever...
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Wake up to frozen

Our changing attitudes towards the 'F' word   Experts from Iceland, Heinz, Cook and POPs joined whynot! thinkpeople to review their latest proprietary research and to discuss why, despite its advantages in managing waste, nutrition and value, we still can’t fall in...
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blu Ministry of sound

whynot! thinkpeople remixes The Ministry of Sound for blu

whynot! thinkpeople have put vapers first by partnering blu and Ministry of Sound to revolutionise the choice between smoking and vaping in the flagship London club. From now through to April 2018, whynot! thinkpeople have secured blu the exclusive rights to...
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Generation Z

Generation Z. Also called the Silent Generation, the Internet Generation, the iGeneration, Generation Now, and the Google Generation. Who are they? What social channels do they like? What are their favourite brands? What is their view on marketing? How can brands...
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Brands VS Trump

Throughout January, one of the ways brands have been expressing and connecting with consumers is through one very controversial topic. Introducing… Brands VS Trump. It’s easy to forget that behind the biggest brands on social media are people just like us, and...
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6 top trends we expect to see in 2017

2016 has been a brilliant year, filled with controversy and wonder - from the Rio Olympics, Brexit and the US presidential election, to Mary Berry leaving The Great British Bake Off. We’ve seen some brilliant campaigns, including ground breaking TV adverts,...
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To pub or not to pub?

That is the question. Especially in current times, where we are witnessing a drastic shift in behaviour when it comes to beer drinking. For the first time on record, beer sales in the on-trade are less than supermarkets and convenience...
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Birra Moretti

More than just a pretty package

I’m looking forward to seeing how the new Birra Moretti 330ml cans fare in the off-trade: I’m a big fan of the new packaging format – both as a drinker, but also in terms of seeing the benefits for the...
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Apple – why everyone wants to take a bite

We at whynot! thinkpeople are avid Apple lovers. Our agency is filled with a wide range of individuals, yet most of us own an iPhone. What is it about Apple products that are so appealing and suit all our needs? Long...
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