Anchor Summer Survival


What we did

Anchor tastes great! But how do we get mums to bin the price deal and trade up?


Help them survive the summer.


Kids can be hard work at the best of times but having them at home for 6 weeks can be a nightmare. Everyday life must carry on even when schools out.


So distraction is key and we were there to help exactly when and where they needed it most.

Key Results

55,610 activity packs given out


Experiential activity across 21 cities


6,367 online entries

Promotional packs offered over a million minutes to get mums through the holiday madness. Films, books and games could be won through Google Play to entertain the kids (and keep parents sane!)


Out and about, our interactive vending machine stopped holiday travel misery in its tracks by dispensing Amazon Fires, itunes vouchers and 1000s of activity packs across train stations nationwide.


Happy Anchor, happy parents. That’s the good stuff!

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