Blu Cigarette Amnesty


What we did

Smoking. Lots of people who do it, love it. That has been true for a very long time.


So how can you encourage them to switch to something new in 2017?


To try blu?


You have to spend time with them. The findings gave us what we needed.


Smokers hate the side effects of smoking; The bad breath, the lack of smell and taste, and the yellowing fingers and teeth –


We needed to help them understand that blu, could be the solution.


So we launched a national amnesty in January to help bin their cigarettes – literally.


Shred them.


And receive a discount on blu products.


Goodbye cigarettes.


Hello blu.

Key Results

Over 40k activation reach.

2,342 consumers took part.

10,109 coupons distributed.

822 people shredded their cigarettes.

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