Heinz Canned Laughter


What we did

Comic Relief is a national treasure.


Heinz is loved by millions.


So how you bring these two greats together to excite the nation.


You harness the power of laughter.


In fact, we sealed into cans of Heinz Beans and Soup.

Key results

10 cans were released nationwide.

£1000s were won.

£10,000+ raised for Comic Relief

Laughter is contagious, so much so that we spread this unique expression into the homes and kitchens of Sainsbury’s shoppers across the UK.


Through our bespoke ‘Laughing Cans’, fitted with light sensitive sound chips, we brought to life giggles, roars and even belly howls.


The public was challenged to find one to win a cash prize. Plus every can purchased equaled to a 5p donated to Comic Relief.


Smiles at mealtimes delivered.

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