Krusovice Kings Code


What we did

Beer drinkers know what they like. Not just taste but an intriguing brand story. A nugget of information they can use when drinking with friends.


So how do we introduce a 464 year old Czech beer to these drinkers?


We tinker with their curious side.


Krusovice’s owner, King Rudolf II didn’t follow convention – he lived by his own code. A code in which his passions and curiosities led him into different realms.


Realms that covered both mental and physical discovery,
all of which he kept in his Cabinet of Curiosity.

Key Results

Exclusive to over 100 premium outlets nationwide


100’s of prizes won

To celebrate his birthday we opened this up, recreating it for a new generation of drinkers.
A physical and digital cabinet filled with the things the king loved.


Every purchase of Krusovice came with a chance to crack the code
to the Cabinet of Curiosity.


Tankards, Fringe tickets and art passes could be won.


Over 100 bars were involved.


100’s of prizes won.


Let’s raise a pint of Krusovice to the King.

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