What we did

Artisan is one of the coolest venues in Spinningfields, Manchester. An artist loft studio meets concrete warehouse decorated with sculptures and installations. But it has a reputation as a restaurant and not a bar.


How do we tell 20-30 year old trendsetters that they’re missing out?


Create a secret experience that Krusovice’s King Ruloph would be proud of.


Discovery is key with our audience. We needed to let them realise themselves that Artisan was the place to be seen drinking at. The evening was cloaked in mystery. A giant telephone installation relayed secret invitations to whoever answered.


At Artisan, creativity and craft was brought to life. An experience designed to allow drinkers to see creation up close and even be part of it. A live artist used guest’s photos as an element in creating stunning one-off portraits. Google TiltBrush allowed drinkers to virtually create and socially share their own artwork. While stencilled art brought to life cocktails and beers at the bar.


An unforgettable night which has made Artisan the place to be.

Key results

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