Look of Legends


What we did

Footy fans love a tournament. The perfect opportunity to catch up with mates, enjoy a pint and reminisce about great moments and players from the past.


So, how do we make sure that during the match they only buy Heineken brands?


We give them the chance to make new memories. To become their heroes. To get ‘The Look Of Legends’.

Key Results

5,000 pubs got involved


Nearly 10,000 codes were entered online


Campaign ran across Fosters, Strongbow, John Smiths & Kronenbourg

Every purchase received a scratchcard, giving punters the chance to instantly win legendary player wigs like dreadlocks, perms and mullets.


100’s of retro prizes were also available online using unique codes.


A great result for Heineken and football fans everywhere. (While visually ambushing the official sponsor Carlsberg at the same time!)


Back of the net!

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