There’s a Beer For That


What we did

People are happy to try something new if they have some guidance.


There’s A Beer For That asked us to help reignite Britain’s love of beer and show people that it can be a perfect match for any food. So we created the Food And Beer Perfection event.


In partnership with John Lewis, we held the first ever food and beer tasting evening in their Oxford Street Foodhall. There, a diverse group of people enjoyed an exclusively designed 5-course canapé style menu including fish, charcuterie and chocolate truffles with 6 perfectly matched beers including pale ale, lager and sour beers.

Key results

100% of shoppers would attend a similar event.


86% of shoppers after attending the event, would be more likely to purchase beer when shopping


75% that use social media would begin to follow the campaign

Co-hosted by beer sommelier Annabel Smith, the group were taken on a tasting journey that challenged perceptions and showed there really is a beer for every dish. They left the event with the confidence to try new beers with their food.



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